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August 3, 2012
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The rain was falling at a rapid pace as the blue blur rushed through the forest panting heavily. 'I must run, he'll find me if I don't. Keep going!' the hedgehog though as he sped up as he neared the edge of the forest. Sonic was running from a dark ebony hedgehog with deep streaks of red though his quills,Shadow. Who now, was in a VERY bad mood. "GET BACK HERE, SONIC! FACE YOUR FEAR LIKE A MAN!" Sonic kept running as tears feel from his muzzle. The reason he was running from Shadow, was because Sonic told him a secret, one that he told no one other then the dark hedgehog. Sonic began getting light-headed as he kept his speed up. He stopped suddenly as he noticed that there was no other noises except the rain falling to the earth. He turned and saw that he was alone. 'Wha!? Shadow was right behind me!' he though to himself as he looked around the small opening he was in. Sonic began to shake as the forest started to dim and the wind grew more violent. He quickly ran for shelter as thunder roared in the sky.
After speeding his way out of the forest, Sonic came to a small house. There was a light in the window, so someone had to be in there. He tapped on the door and waited for a reply. It took a while, but the door opened to reveal a hedgehog very similar to Sonic, but with emerald green fur, scares on his peach chest, and a black jacket.
"Scourge!? What are you doing in Moubis!? Sonic shouted in shock.
"living here, what are you doing at my front door?" he said casually.
"But, what about the Zone cops!? You're suppose to be in prison!"
"Sorry . ."
"*sigh* It's fine, come inside and I'll tell you what happened." Scourge said as he gestured Sonic inside.
"Wait! You're gonna let me in!?"
"Well, if I don't, that would be rude."
Sonic stood there in shock. 'He's being so nice to me!? Why!?' he thought to himself.
"Are you gonna come in, or stand there for the night?" Scourge said sarcastically, pulling him inside gently.
Sonic looked around the living room he was in. It was nothing he ever suspected Scourge to have. There was a little love seat in the corner of the room next to three book shelves, and a few chairs around a flat screen. The house was nice and neat, something Sonic never thought Scourge would ever get.
"Take a seat Sonic, I'll tell you everything." he said as he sat in one of the chairs next to the TV. 'he's using my name!? And inviting me into his house!? What happened to him!?' Sonic thought as he sat in a chair next to Scourge.
"Well" Scourge started. "It all started when I went to Zone prison. I kept on struggling with the guards, more then any of the other prisoners, and they didn't like it. They took me to a therapist, and surprisingly, it worked. She helped me clear my thoughts and see the world in a better view. I'm a good person now, and I'm sorry for hurting you and your friends a while ago. I was just. . . lost. Please, forgive me?"
Sonic just stared at him, he didn't know what to say! He felt bad for Scourge, and at the same time, happy that he was a new hedgehog. He never knew Scourge, but for some reason, he felt more comfortable around him.
"Sonic? Do you forgive me?"
"Oh!" Sonic said as he snapped out of his thoughts "Y-yes, I forgive you."
"Really!? Thank you so much!" Scourge said as he gave Sonic an unexpected hug.
'Now he's hugging me!?!? WOW! He must have really changed to be this nice now.' He thought as he hugged back.
"So, are you hungry?"Scourge asked as he let go of the blue hedgehog.
"Um, a little."
"Great! I have some chili dogs in a fridge. We can have a couple and then go to bed" Scourge said as he grabbed Sonic's arm and headed for the kitchen.  They ate there chili dogs, and made the sleeping arrangements. Scourge slept on the couch while Sonic slept in his bed. They fell asleep with ease as the next day grew near, both of them not knowing what would happen in the afternoon.
The secret Sonic told Shadow will be revealed in the next chapter, if I make one. I would love it if you would comment on this

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